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Lemon Proofing Your Car

In the current generation people are acquiring vehicles. In almost all countries it is made a law that each new car has to have an insurance cover. Payment of the insurance cover is made either on a monthly or yearly basis. The company you choose to insure your car determines this. On the other hand, if you purchase a new vehicle it is paramount that the manufacturer offers you a warranty. In case your car has a defect the manufacturer can fix it for you between the warranty period. A warranty is offered on certain circumstances; the defects of the car should be natural. Defects being natural means that they should not be caused by a human. The manufacturer can either not repair the defects or can charge for the repair of the defects if they are caused by human interference. Car needs the best lemon proofing to protect his car.

Lemon proof protection, on the other hand, is used to be a backup option in case you consult the manufacturer and they fail to assist you to fix the car’s defect. All new vehicles are subjected to be registered by the lemon proof contract. The lemon proof contract has circumstances that have to be met in order for you to benefit from their services. The term new is given to a vehicle if; it has traveled less than ten thousand miles at the time of purchase, it has no defects, it doesn’t require any repair at the time of purchase and it has to be registered to the lemon proof contract within thirty days of purchase.

Lemon proof save the customers a lot since it is affordable when the new cars start having defects. Best services are offered to the customers since the lemon proof is a genuine company and it prevents the customers from bad dealers. The only qualification that you need is that your car has to be brand new thus making it easy for you to be part of the lemon proof. The lemon proof offers protection to the new cars for about four years, this is normally compared to fifty miles. After four years of your car being in the road your contract with lemon proof is canceled. The tendency of new cars getting defects is lower than that of old vehicles since old vehicles are subjected to wear and tear, hence lemon proof prefers new vehicles. Lemon proofing your car is very easy, you just need to visit their website and follow the steps then your car will eventually be lemon proofed.

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